Monday, July 12, 2004

Personalized Baby Blankets

Are you looking for Personalized Baby Blankets - Embroidered Fleece Blankets, or Gifts for babies. I have compiled a few things to look for that I hope will help you in your search for quality Personalized Baby Blankets.

Check the quality of the blanket - is it plush? Or is it a thin weave?

Is it soft to the touch? Or is it rough?

Does it pill? Some lower quality fleece blankets pill very easily. Make sure the fleece you are purchasing is going to look great for as long as you want it to.

How does it hold up to washing? Some lower quality fleece blankets will pill, and the weave will loosen in the laundry. A personalized baby fleece blanket will need to be a good quality to hold up to the many washings that baby will demand - so it will be around to be the keepsake that you want it to be many years from now.

Is it made in the USA? This is important to me. I want an item where the people making it are being paid what they are worth and taken care of. And I want a personalized embroidered item that is helping Americans make a living. Chances are, if it isn't made in the USA, then the people doing the embroidery aren't being compensated appropriately.

Is the personalized baby blanket made by a wahm? If so, she will be more likely to pay special attention to detail that you want in a personalized embroidered item that you are giving as a gift to a baby. Personalized Baby Blankets made by the larger companies seem so impersonal - the exact opposite of what I want in a Personalized Gift I am giving. I also am partial to helping moms who are staying home with their children. Children need their moms, and a mom being there when that child needs them is very important.

How is the embroidery? Is the item outlined? Is the outline where it should be? Are the embroidery stitches close enough together so that you can not see through the design?

What does the design look like? Does it jump out at you and say - this is an adorable design that is unique - or is it a design that someone just plastered on a page so that they would have some embroidered baby designs to show you? Go with an embroidery company that publishes the designs that they think are the most special, not just printing out exactly what is in a catalog. This will help you to have a more unique personalized baby blanket.

Also, look for a company that creates at least some of it's designs. Knowing that you are getting your personalized baby blanket from someone who does custom work makes your gift giving even more special.

Are jump stitches between colors and letters snipped? This is a finishing touch that should be done on quality embroidered products. This is especially so for personalized baby blankets. If a jump stitch isn't snipped, a baby's finger or toe can get stuck in the thread.

Is the back of the item embroidered in the same colors as the front? This is another quality to look out for. It takes more time to embroider with the same color thread in the bobbin, than to just have the bobbin thread one color for the entire design. Some embroiderers stitch things very quickly, and don't pay much attention to the details that you want in your personalized baby blankets.

Has the back of the item been snipped, or washed so that you can not see much of the stabilizer used for doing the actual embroidery? Again, snipping is important especially for personalized embroidered baby items. Plus, it is a finishing touch that makes your personalized design look more complete.

Overall, is the personalized baby blanket you are looking at worthy of giving as a gift? Being aware of these qualities can help you in your decision when purchasing an embroidered gift for a baby. I hope this information has been helpful in your quest for personalized baby blankets. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at the address below.

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